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"The alphabet-sequenced instruction is dynamite, because kids relate to that. The HERZOG SYSTEM helps students develop keyboarding skills in a very time-efficient way. And instead of leaving elementary level children to first use the keyboard by hunting and pecking, it instills good habits from the start."
- Computer & Tech. Coordinator

"These past three days, I've learned how to type. Before I came to this class I could only pick at the words. Now I can type 18 words a minute!" - Student, Age 12, Georgia

"89% of our students got A's and B's and no one failed. The System blows away the traditional bell curve for grades. Another bonus was that we picked up 5 weeks of class time to use for applications."
- High School Bus. Ed. Teacher

"For the past 23 years I have been teaching typing with the 'Home Row' method. To be honest I was skeptical, but the Herzog System really works! The system was much faster than the traditional method. By the end of the first week, my classes had finished the alphabet while the two traditional classes had only completed 11 letters!" -  Middle School Teacher, Florida

"Our new two-week summer keyboard class for children was a complete success. Almost all the children were amazed at how well they could keyboard after such a short time in class. It was very rewarding for me as teacher to receive such positive comments from both the children and their parents."  - Teacher, Michigan

"Parents are delighted to see their children learn keyboarding so quickly. They have phoned to compliment us on our teaching. The HERZOG SYSTEM is terrific for parent/school relations."  - Elementary Principal, Texas

"This is the 'system of choice' to teach keyboarding quickly and easily." - Teacher, Virginia

"I feel our students did a wonderful job with your keyboard method. Our 2nd and 3rd graders came in for a half hour every day for one week and were able to learn all the letters of the alphabet. Our 4th and 5th graders came in for a half hour every day for two weeks, learned the alphabet, punctuation, and really increased in speed and accuracy." - Computer Tech, Arizona

"I'm excited to see how enthused our students are... Your keyboarding method opened the door that was stuck closed to many of my students." - Elementary Teacher, California

"Using the Herzog Keyboarding System increased my speed on the computer. I found this system easy to learn, and I consider it a valuable tool when learning keyboarding, for my students as well as myself." - Elementary Teacher, Texas

"My 9-year old son, in the third grade and around computers all the time, learned to touch type after only five formal work sessions with the Herzog System. His excitement over being able to work quickly was reflected in his comment, "Dad, I can't believe how fast I can go!" - Parent, Self-taught Florida Student

"The Herzog System is something new, something different, and it makes learning typing fun and easier to manage. Students are not conditioned to sitting and doing repetitive drills; they expect to see results immediately.
With your System they, do!" - Teacher, Florida

"We are excited about adding your method to our curriculum. We believe our students will benefit greatly."  - Asst. Superintendent, Virginia

"When I was a Freshman, our typing class took a whole year to get through so everyone knew where all the letters were ... plus a lot of us still couldn't type without looking at our fingers. But your system is different. After only three days people were not only typing without looking at their fingers, but they were typing fast, and without mistakes. Your system is the best one have ever seen." - HS Senior English Student

"It works fabulously and the students love it; the System is everything you promised." - Teacher, Louisiana

"Two of our Herzog classes were developmentally handicapped, learning disabled and three were at-risk. These groups were as successful, and in some cases more successful than the "regular" students. I am astounded with them learning the location of all the keys in 5 days!" -  Middle School Teacher, Ohio

"Success was quick. The students were very pleased with themselves. Self-esteem was overflowing." - Special Ed Teacher


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