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     The HERZOG SYSTEM is the new way to learn computer keyboarding. Learning time is short ! This System facilitates using computers more efficiently in schools. It is effective with elementary, middle, and high school students, and adults, too. Students as young as 3rd grade learn the keyboard in only 2 hours, and are typing at composition speeds in only 7 - 9 hours. The HERZOG SYSTEM uses a new learning tool, HUB KEY Sensors, and new Fast-Track learning materials.

     The old way to teach typewriting, called the 'home row' method, was written in 1883 for typewriters and for secretaries. It consumes vast amounts of time not available in today's curriculum. It is long, dull and drudgerous. It forces students to do awkward hand and finger movements that cause errors.
     The HERZOG SYSTEM eliminates 'home row' and its problems. We are quick, easy, logical, efficient and relevant to modern students and modern computer equipment. And we enable fast, accurate keyboard operation with straight, neutral wrists. The HERZOG SYSTEM applies new research on the bio-mechanics of operating computer keyboards and the psychology of learning this skill.

     HUB KEY SENSORS are an important new learning tool for computer keyboarding. They eliminate hand position errors and the learning problems caused by those errors. When learning to keyboard, errors due to incorrect hand position are very discouraging to students. They cause learning stress, retard speed of learning, and lead to negative attitudes.
     HUB KEY Sensors provide 100% accurate hand positioning without looking at the keyboard by positioning the middle fingers. They are a new neuro-sensory device patented by the U.S. Patent Office.
     The HUB KEY Sensors also give the hands and fingers greater range of motion and flexibility. This is very important for young students with small hands (and for adults, too). With HUB KEY Sensors, students know their hands are in accurate position, so they are relaxed, concentration is easy, and learning speed accelerates.

     The HERZOG SYSTEM is fast-track. The letter locations and finger movements are learned in alphabetical order which all students understand. Nonsense drills and 'drill & kill' are eliminated in the HERZOG SYSTEM ! Content is logical, familiar, fast moving and age-relevant. Learning is interesting and enjoyable. The learning materials are spiral bound with easel back. Elementary and Secondary editions are available.
     The Fast-Track Learning Materials focus on the development of writing skills. Students can immediately use their keyboarding skill for composition and school reports. Morale, self-esteem and grades skyrocket.

     Elementary teachers, lab aides, and parent volunteers can teach the HERZOG SYSTEM. No special in-service training or Vocational/Business Ed background is needed. The Teaching Guide is short, clear, and easy to understand. Sample scripts, called CUES, suggest what to tell the students and are particularly helpful for teachers new to keyboarding. The HERZOG SYSTEM is also used to teach special groups to keyboard, including special education, physically handicapped, and bilingual.

     The HERZOG SYSTEM is used with the computers and word processing software you now have. It is not necessary to buy new hardware or software, or any software updates.

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